7 Steps to Outsource Tasks to an Administrative Consultant/VA

So you've discovered your passion & decided to monetize it... AWESOME! The challenge, however, is you're so busy with time-consuming, repetitive but necessary administrative tasks, it's preventing you from taking your business to the next level. You no longer have time to do the things you enjoy, like spending time with Family & Friends. You want to pass along those tasks to an administrative professional but you don't want to deal with the cost of having a full-time permanent employee (insurance, workers compensation, unemployment, etc.). You've also realize that you need help but you just don't know how or who to outsource those tasks to! No worries... we GOTCHU covered! Below, we will outline seven (7) steps to you can take in an effort to establish a great partnership with a freelance Administrative Professional for 1/2 the cost of hiring a traditional employee!

1st Step 👉 "Get Organized" ~ I know you're saying to yourself, "That's what I need you for!" ~ But it first start with you... Define your CORE business activity to scale your biz and then make a list of other activities that would support your efforts in the following four (4) categories:

  1. Things You Don't Want To Do

  2. Things You're Not Good at

  3. Things That Doesn't Make

  4. Things That Need To Be Done Over & Over Again

2nd Step👉"Prepare to Delegate" - Now that you are organized based on Step #1, you're prepared to delegate tasks that will support your CORE business activity to an Administrative Consultant/VA.

3rd Step👉"Start Small" - It's common for a Small Biz Owner to get accustomed to handling everything on their own, so you may experience some level of "separation anxiety" when handing over tasks. Therefore, start by delegating smaller tasks and gradually work your way up. Also, when we're first starting out, we're on a shoestring budget, so start out with just a couple hours a week to a few hours a month. One of the advantages of outsourcing tasks to an Administrative Consultant/VA is your ability to only pay for the time you need o complete a task.

4th Step 👉 As a communication major, I can't stress enough the importance of "Effective Communication!" When you finally decide to partner with an AWESOME (Me) Administrative Consultant/VA, clearly communicate what you're trying to accomplish with each project. This will allow your Admin to completely focus on "Your" desired goal.

5th Step 👉"Provide Feedback" - During the process, build a rapport with your Administrative Consultant/VA and let them know whether or not they're on track and/or areas in need of improvement.

6th Step👉"Realistic Goals" - As you will notice from Steps 1-5, it's a process, so don't be so hard on yourself because Rome was not built in a day! Your Administrative Consultant/VA will work with you to reach your goals!

7th Step👉"Give it Some Time" - It takes time to let go of time-consuming and repetitive Administrative tasks because you're used to being the CEO (Chief Everything Officer). It's time for you to become who you are destined to be and that is "Chief Executive Officer!" Scale your business & generate more income by having more time to engage with clients. Leave the other tasks for an Administrative Professional.

Harlem World Palm is highly skilled in social media management, email marketing, blogging, newsletters, client follow up, creating attention-getting graphics, etc. You don't have to delegate all tasks at once. Start small and slowly pass along other tasks later.

For more info on how Harlem World Palm may "Simplify Your Life" 🌍📲visit us at www.NANGELADOLBERRY.com and Book a "Free" 30 minute consultation via phone or in person if you're located in the Winter Park or Central Florida area. Most tasks are performed remotely but lets discuss what your needs are and what would work, specifically, for your company. Also, we are Social, so connect with us on all social media networks. Check us out >>>> https://youtu.be/qTCL09w-g9E

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